No.51 March, 2017  (¥3,000+tax)

Thinking about No-war and Social Welfare ・・・ Katsumasa Hirata

【Special Feature】No-war and Social Welfare

Hardship and Reconstruction of the institutions for the feeble-mind children around the time of the Child Welfare Act of 1947–focusing on the case of Fujikura Home and School for Mentally Retarded– ・・・ Satoko Takano

The logic of social welfare which leads to create the No-war Social Structure ・・・ Hiroshi Katou

The living conditions of the war orphans during and after the World War Ⅱ and their impacts on the child welfare in Japan ・・・ Haruo Asai

Overlooking the post-war history of relief for the Wounded/Sick Retired Soldeiers and War Bereaved and the problems of the war victims in Japan o the 70th anniversary of the end of WWⅡ・・・ Masumi Ueno

Social Work Practice in Yamaguchi Prefecture and Toranomon Incident–Conceptual struggle between Social Work and Social Education regarding the matter of “Enlightment” ・・・ Konomi Imai

How was the Rural Social Work described? –through the essays in the journal of Social Work (Shakaijigyo) published between 1920 and 1941 ・・・ Yukiko Noguchi

【My History in Resarcher】
Masako Kawakami

【Book Reviews】
Kouichiro Matubara, Katsunobu Kihara

【Introduction of Archives】
Kunihiko Mikami, Hiroyuki Sugimoto