No.55 March,2019  (¥3,000+tax)

Our mission of historical research on social welfare. Hiroshi Kato (6)

A Study of the Official View of Juvenile Protection under the Juvenile Act and the Juvenile
Correction School Act of 1922; Examining the Practices in the Juvenile Training Schools from 1922 to the early 1930s. Kota Takehara (9)
The Relief Activities for Peoples with Blindness in the Nobi Earthquake(1891)
Subaru Nohda, Satoru Takahashi (23)

【Reports of Committee】
Report of the Second Fall Conference of the Korean Academy of Social Welfare History
Midori Nishizaki (38)
Social Work in the U.S. during the Cold War Midori Nishizaki (41)
Overviews and Perspectives on the Historical Researches of Hansen’s Disease
and Their Remaining Problems; including the Aspect of Religious Welfare Thoughts
Kazuhiro Wakura (53)
Our Efforts to Enhance Academic Research Capabilities of the Young Scholars
Minori Utsunomiya (65)

【Book Review】 Ikuyo Matsumoto (76)

【Book Guide】 Hiroshi Kato, Yoichiro Miyagi (81)