No.53 March, 2018  (¥3,000+tax)

Multicultural Coexistence and Social Work・・・Tomoaki Motomura

【Special Feature of This Issue】Multicultural Coexistence and Social Work
A Biographical Study of Shinrokuro Hozumi, who worked in the Governor’s Office in Korea between 1914 and 1941 ・・・ Shuzo Ono

Public Assistance and aliens ・・・ Hideto Iketani

Zainichi Koreans in Japan in the Placement of the Relief Works for Unemployed Workers after the WWⅡ–Focusing on the Early 1950s– ・・・ Hiroyuki Sugimoto

Coverage of the goverment — administered pension system for the Residents in the Colonies of Imperial Japan — ・・・ Yuki Nakao

Child Welfare in Berlin in the early 20th Century — Focusing on the practices of “Deutsche Zentrale für Jugendfürsorge” — ・・・Kaoru Sugihara

Consideration on the structural grasp of life problems of children of Urabe Hiroshi during the World War Ⅱ and before World War Ⅱ(1925-1945) ・・・ Yusei Yoshimoto

Foster Care Reform in the Process of Creating the New Foster Care System after the WWⅡ — Focusing on the case of building Akita Foster Care Association — ・・・ Yukako Tanaka

【Report of Survey】

Actural State of Archiving of Historical Material s at Special Schools — Survey for Blind Schools and Deaf Schools — ・・・ Takenori Noguchi

【Book Reviews】
Miki Otsuka

【Introduction of Archives】
Katsumasa Hirata, Toshitaka Hachiya

【Report of Committee】
【Book Guide】
Hiroshi Kato, Takenori Noguchi