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Academic Journal of Historical Studies of Social Welfare


No.59 March,2021(¥3,000+tax)

No.58 September,2020 (¥3,000+tax)

No.57 March,2020(¥3,000+tax)

No.56 September, 2019 (¥3,000+tax)

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Our mission of historical research on social welfare. Hiroshi Kato (6)

A Study of the Official View of Juvenile Protection under the Juvenile Act and the Juvenile
Correction School Act of 1922; Examining the Practices in the Juvenile Training Schools from 1922 to the early 1930s. Kota Takehara (9)
The Relief Activities for Peoples with Blindness in the Nobi Earthquake(1891)
Subaru Nohda, Satoru Takahashi (23)

【Reports of Committee】
Report of the Second Fall Conference of the Korean Academy of Social Welfare History
Midori Nishizaki (38)
Social Work in the U.S. during the Cold War Midori Nishizaki (41)
Overviews and Perspectives on the Historical Researches of Hansen’s Disease
and Their Remaining Problems; including the Aspect of Religious Welfare Thoughts
Kazuhiro Wakura (53)
Our Efforts to Enhance Academic Research Capabilities of the Young Scholars
Minori Utsunomiya (65)

【Book Review】 Ikuyo Matsumoto (76)

【Book Guide】 Hiroshi Kato, Yoichiro Miyagi (81)

No.54 September,2018  (¥3,000+tax)

The President’s Inaugural Address for Her Second Term
– The Direction that Our Society should Move into – ・・・Masako Otomo (6)

【Special Feature】
The Person was Social Worker beyond the Border –Ms. Shieh Chao-Tzu–:
The achievement of Mr.Shih Qian and Ms. Shieh Chao-Tzu were spoken by Mr.Shih Ting-Hung who is grandchild. ・・・Shih Ting-Hung (8)

【Special Feature of This Issue】
Development and the Characteristic of Social Welfare Practice in Modern East Asia
The Aim and Conclusion of this Symposium ・・・ Midori Nishizaki (13)
Building and Developing Social Welfare in the Modern China and Its Transforming Process
・・・Qiuguang Zhou, Yaoli Wen (15)
A Historical Study of Eiraku Settlement House
– Focusing on the Relationship with the Seoul Branch of Kamakura Nursery – ・・・ Bum-Soo Kim (35)
Historical Study about “Taibei, ren-ji-yuan” and the Social Welfare facilities of Taiwan under the Imperial Japanese Government ・・・ Masako Otomo (47)
TOMEOKA Kosuke in modern Japan: An Essay on the Civilization and Welfare ・・・ Yasuo Murota (59)
Comment; Looking at the Researches on the Histories of the Social Welfare Practices in the Modern East Asia ・・・ Jie Shen (79)

Child Protection Policy in Poland and Works done by “Help for Orphans” Society; 1921-28.
・・・Ari Osawa (83)
Development of the Student Settlements during the late 1950s and the mid-1960s
– Examining as a Part of Social Welfare Movement – ・・・Chika Okamoto (97)
A Training Program for the Jewish Social Workers during the Era of Modernizing Charity
– How did the School for Jewish Communal Work Maintain its Religious Tradition while Encouraging Assimilation into the U.S. Society? – ・・・Toshimitsu Tanaka (113)
Hideshi Harasaki’s Thoughts regarding the War Victims’ Relief and the New Life Movement during his 17 and quarter year tenue of the Government Employee of Nagano Prefecture ・・・Hiroshi Nakashima (127)
Contribution of the National Temperance League of Japan in Helping Farm Villages ; Through Shifting its Focus From Founding the Temperance Villages to Helping the Emergency Relief Work in the North-East Region and Other Places ・・・ Takashi Yokoyama (141)

No.53 March, 2018  (¥3,000+tax)

Multicultural Coexistence and Social Work・・・Tomoaki Motomura

【Special Feature of This Issue】Multicultural Coexistence and Social Work
A Biographical Study of Shinrokuro Hozumi, who worked in the Governor's Office in Korea between 1914 and 1941 ・・・ Shuzo Ono

Public Assistance and aliens ・・・ Hideto Iketani

Zainichi Koreans in Japan in the Placement of the Relief Works for Unemployed Workers after the WWⅡ--Focusing on the Early 1950s-- ・・・ Hiroyuki Sugimoto

Coverage of the goverment -- administered pension system for the Residents in the Colonies of Imperial Japan -- ・・・ Yuki Nakao

Child Welfare in Berlin in the early 20th Century -- Focusing on the practices of "Deutsche Zentrale für Jugendfürsorge" -- ・・・Kaoru Sugihara

Consideration on the structural grasp of life problems of children of Urabe Hiroshi during the World War Ⅱ and before World War Ⅱ(1925-1945) ・・・ Yusei Yoshimoto

Foster Care Reform in the Process of Creating the New Foster Care System after the WWⅡ -- Focusing on the case of building Akita Foster Care Association -- ・・・ Yukako Tanaka

【Report of Survey】

Actural State of Archiving of Historical Material s at Special Schools -- Survey for Blind Schools and Deaf Schools -- ・・・ Takenori Noguchi

【Book Reviews】
Miki Otsuka

【Introduction of Archives】
Katsumasa Hirata, Toshitaka Hachiya

【Report of Committee】
【Book Guide】
Hiroshi Kato, Takenori Noguchi

No.52 September, 2017  (¥3,000+tax)

【Preface】Helping Young Researchers who Study the History of Social Welfare・・・ Minori Utsunomiya

【Feature of This Issue】Rural Communities and the Development of Social Work ---Finding People's Lives before, during and after the WWⅡ through Examining Local histories---

The Japanese Settles in Manchuria and Local Communities・・・ Hidefumi Terusawa

Explanation of the Aim of the Symposium ・・・ Yukiko Noguchi

The Esrablishment and Expansion of the Association of Protection of Young Female Factory Workers
in Niigata Prefecture and its Grounds of Protection -- through Studying the case of the Association of Horiuchi-machi in Kita Uonuma County ・・・ Kou Hatakenaka

On the Administration of Poor-Relief in the Rural Area in Tottori Prefecture during Meiji and Taisyo Eras ・・・ Katsura Koike

Rural Communities and Social Welfare Administration in Prewar Okinawa ・・・ Senji Ishii

Rural Society, Population problems and social welfare from 1930's to 1940's ・・・ Hiroyuki Takaoka


Hideshi HARASAKI's view of Life Expressed in his Business Diary--Illuminating Thoughts and Struggles in his Later Life-- ・・・ Hiroshi Nakashima

Shigeri YAMATAKA and league for Maternal Protection--Searching the Roots of Mother and Child Welfare-- ・・・ Ryou Imai

【Book Reviews】
Hiroaki Sugiyama, Masanori Fujiwara, Kazuhiro Wakura
【Dedications to Masaaki Ogawa】
Syun'ichi Fueki, Tsutomu Suzuki
【Book Guide】
Toshihiko Suzuki, Takenori Noguchi

No.51 March, 2017  (¥3,000+tax)

Thinking about No-war and Social Welfare ・・・ Katsumasa Hirata

【Special Feature】No-war and Social Welfare

Hardship and Reconstruction of the institutions for the feeble-mind children around the time of the Child Welfare Act of 1947--focusing on the case of Fujikura Home and School for Mentally Retarded-- ・・・ Satoko Takano

The logic of social welfare which leads to create the No-war Social Structure ・・・ Hiroshi Katou

The living conditions of the war orphans during and after the World War Ⅱ and their impacts on the child welfare in Japan ・・・ Haruo Asai

Overlooking the post-war history of relief for the Wounded/Sick Retired Soldeiers and War Bereaved and the problems of the war victims in Japan o the 70th anniversary of the end of WWⅡ・・・ Masumi Ueno

Social Work Practice in Yamaguchi Prefecture and Toranomon Incident--Conceptual struggle between Social Work and Social Education regarding the matter of "Enlightment" ・・・ Konomi Imai

How was the Rural Social Work described? --through the essays in the journal of Social Work (Shakaijigyo) published between 1920 and 1941 ・・・ Yukiko Noguchi

【My History in Resarcher】
Masako Kawakami

【Book Reviews】
Kouichiro Matubara, Katsunobu Kihara

【Introduction of Archives】
Kunihiko Mikami, Hiroyuki Sugimoto